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DVD Compatibility Information

FAQ / frequently asked questions

This section lists commonly asked questions and answers regarding DVDs.

General DVD

1. What are the advantages of DVD?

2. What about DVD formats and their features?

Write-Once DVD formats:

Rewritable DVD formats:

Read-only DVD formats:

Playback Compatibility:

DVD Recording

1. What about DVD recording formats and their features?

2. What is the difference between a DVD-RW Ver.1.0 and Ver. 1.1?

3. What are the main features of DVD-RW Ver.1.2?

4. Can I mix VR mode and Video mode recordings on one disc?

5. Can I record a VR mode recording to a disc that has been recorded in Video mode?

6. If I record and create my own DVD, will it have a region code?

7. Can I dub images in a DVD to another recording device?

8. Can I dub images in a DVD to another recording device?

TV Program Recording

1. Can a DVD record both language tracks of bilingual programs?

2. Can a DVD record digital broadcasts (terrestrial and BS)?

3. What is the difference between CPRM-compatible disc and non-compatible discs?

4. Can I record a copy-guarded or copy-controlled program?

5. Can DVD playback devices play CPRM-contents?

6. After recording a "Copy-Once" program, can I dub?

High-Speed DVD Media

1. What is the definition and standard of 1x-speed discs?

2. What kind of high-speed discs (2x-speed or more) are there?

3. Doesn't high-speed recording lower the picture quality?

4. Do the speed indications in DVD recorder manuals (such as "maximum 24x-high-speed dubbing") and those on disc packages (e.g., 2x-speed) mean the same thing? If not, what is the difference?

5. Can I use a high-speed disc (2x-speed or more) on a device compatible only with 1x-speed discs?

6. How can I adapt a non-conforming device to high-speed recording (2x-speed or more)?

About DVD Double Layer recording (DVD+R DL)

1. What is Double Layer?

2. Are Double Layer and DualLayer the same?

3. Will "DVD+R" format merge into a single "DVD+R DL" format?

4. When will DVD-R DL compatible drive be released?

5. How is the compatibility with average DVD players?